Serious Illness Cover

Our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover
Our Primary Serious Illness Cover
A Typical Critical Illness Policy

Understanding Critical Illness Cover

VitalityLife covers up to 166 conditions compared to a typical critical illness policy which only covers you for around 42.
It is widely assumed that when considering serious illness insurance, the only serious illness protection option available to most people is critical illness protection, but this is no longer the case. Serious illness cover provides similar levels of protection but for a far wider range of illnesses and medical conditions

Vitality currently has the best serious illness cover in the market which Covers you for more conditions than any other insurer. That’s why we cover 166 conditions under our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover. That’s nearly 4 times as many as the typical critical illness policy*.

5-star rating by Defaqto Eight times and counting. Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover has been awarded a 5-star rating by Defaqto every year since it was launched in 2007.

Serious Illness Cover Booster can give you even more help coping with the long-term effects of some serious illnesses.

To suffer from a serious illness at any time in life is difficult. But the younger you are, the longer you’re likely to have to live with your condition, so the greater the financial impact could be. You might need to give up work, adapt your home or pay a carer. And you may have to do this for many years. If you’re trying to bring up children while you’re suffering from a serious illness, life can be even more difficult.

Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover Booster extends the principle of severity based payments, so that for some conditions they pay out between 100% and 200% of your cover amount. The amount pay depends on your condition and your age when you make a claim. Eg. On some cases where you may be paid out for 75% of your insured amount, a booster can take you up to and over 100%.

Please contact us here to find out more information on the conditions that can be covered.

If you make a successful claim, most insurers will pay out 100% of the cover amount and then stop your policy. So if you needed to claim again, you might not be covered. And it could be expensive – or impossible – for you to buy the same amount of cover again. Making sure your protected you even after you’ve made a claim. And your whole lump sum won’t be paid it if you don’t need it. So, if you claim for a condition that’s not very severe, we pay out for part of the amount you’re covered for, and keep covering you for the remaining amount.
If a doctor tells you you’ve had a heart attack or a stroke, Vitality will pay out. The amount paid depends on the severity of your condition. It means all types of heart attack and all strokes are able to be covered. Most other insurers don’t do this.
Vitality will pay out on a number of less severe and early-stage cancers that many other insurers don’t cover. As a result, our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover is 87% more likely to pay out for a cancer claim than a typical critical illness policy. Vitality’s Primary and Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover both cover low-grade prostate cancer without the need for specific treatment.
If you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you may need to make important changes to your lifestyle. But once you develop permanent symptoms, you may be less able to make these changes or less likely to benefit from them. With Vitality’s Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover, they don’t wait for permanent symptoms to appear before they help. They pay out 10% of your cover amount as soon as you’re diagnosed. The rest of your cover amount is still available to you. So if your condition gets worse, or you’re diagnosed with a more severe condition, you can claim again. You can do this until you have used up your whole cover amount.