Mortgage Protection Insurance

Understanding Mortgage Protection

A mortgage is one of, if not the biggest financial commitment you may take on in life. Lots of saving and planning goes into this huge life event. Don’t risk something you’ve worked so hard to get.

If interest rates were to rise, it could put a strain on your lifestyle, repayments and bills.
What is your back-up plan to protect yourself and your dependants financially?
A severe illness could put a significant strain on your finances too. You’d be unable to work, and might find yourself earning nothing at all. If that happened, you’d find it harder to pay your mortgage.

You might have savings, but how long could you rely on them?
Should the worst happen and you hurt yourself in an accident that prevents you from working, how would you keep up with mortgage payments.

You might have sick pay, but what happens if that runs out whilst you are still recovering?
Free yourself and your family from the worry of paying the mortgage and give yourself the best chance to recover from an illness with Mortgage Protection.

Five-star rated cover 

If you couldn’t work – with the inevitable strain that would put on your savings – knowing your biggest monthly bill is covered can help ease the financial pressure and stress of illness.

A small price to pay for worthwhile cover.

Free yourself and your family from the worry of paying the mortgage

And give yourself the best chance to recover from an illness with Mortgage Protection.

Mortgage Protection will pay off your mortgage if you were to die. If you get injured or become ill with one of the conditions the plan covers, and are unable to work, it gives you up to 24 monthly payments.

The plan covers 29 conditions such as Cancer (excluding less advanced cases), Heart Attack, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Traumatic Accident (requires hospitalisation for 10 days).

Vitality like to do things differently to other insurers. Throughout their product range, you’ll see lots of innovative product options and benefits that have been designed to meet the needs of your clients:

• The LifestyleCare Cover is a new type of protection cover to help your clients plan financially for any later life care needs they may have. If this option is added to your client’s Whole of Life Cover, they can claim some, or all, of their Life Cover early if they need support due to illness in later life.
• The Mortgage Plus Plan offers all the protection of life cover, but also comes with Mortgage Incapacity Cover which gives your clients extra cover for severe illness or injury. So, if they’re unable to work because of an illness we cover, they’ll get up to 24 monthly payments designed to help pay the mortgage.
• With Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover, your clients are twice as likely to receive a payout compared to a traditional critical illness policy.
• Vitality pay ALL valid heart attack and stroke claims
• With Second Life Cover, if one party on a joint life policy dies, we’ll offer the same level of cover to the surviving member without them having any additional underwriting.
• Your clients can take out Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children, so they can protect them without having Serious Illness Cover in place themselves.

The plans come with access to our healthy discounts and rewards. We help your clients save money and get healthy, and reward them for their efforts. We want your clients to live life well and they will have help so they are able to do it. The discounts and rewards they provide help your clients get healthier, and save money at the same time. So your clients don’t have to make a claim to see the benefits.

And if your clients add Vitality Optimiser to their cover, they’ll get an upfront discount on their premium in their first year, as well as the opportunity to keep their protection premiums low in future years by taking steps to improve their health.

Find out more about our healthy discounts and rewards.

We offer Vitality’s range of flexible personal protection products:

• Life Cover
• Serious Illness Cover
• Income Protection Cover
• Mortgage Plus Plan

Each product has various options and additional covers which can be added to help your client build a product that’s right for them.

Find out more about the personal protection products.

This Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against the loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at