Income Protection

Understanding Income Protection

Income protection pays a monthly regular benefit if you become unable to work due to lose of earnings or loss of earnings due to a sickness or accident, even though you might have sick pay, but what happens if that runs out whilst you are still recovering?

Income Protection Cover pays you a monthly tax-free income until you’re well enough to go back to work, which can be used to help pay your bills, your mortgage or even medical costs.

We understand you need greater flexibility and security. That is why you could start getting your income as early as seven days after you stop working.

Guaranteed Premiums

The longer the 'deferral' period you choose, the lower your premiums. The default deferral period tends to be 13 or 26 weeks. When the payments start.

Guaranteed premiums: The amount you pay stays the same throughout the policy term. The premium will only go up if you increase the cover.

Reviewable: These policies tend start a little cheaper than Guaranteed policies, but the premiums are reviewed after a set period - at which point the provider can increase the amount.