Health Insurance

What is Private Medical Insurance and Do You Need it?

Private Medical Insurance otherwise known as Health Insurance is a security against potential personal health issues. This insurance pays your medical bills if your treated privately, this gives you a choice in the standard of care you receive and where and how its provided to you.

  • Skip sometimes long NHS waiting list.
  • If you were to become ill or injured ensure you have top access to a good consultant
  • Be treated at the hospital of your choice, in your own time and with the specialist you have chosen

Why consider health insurance?

If you become ill or injured, the wait to be treated with the NHS can be excessive. Health insurance relieves this stressful time as you can be treated private avoiding the lengthy queues and the cost be will covered.
We offer Vitality’s Extended Cancer Cover which is included within Core Cover and covers all eligible costs associated with cancer, once diagnosed. It doesn’t apply limits on the use of biological therapies, hormone or bisphosphonate therapy and
provides cover for pain relief at the end stage of cancer.
Vitality GP puts a Vitality GP at the heart of your healthcare. Vitality GP offers you access to a GP at a time and place that suits you. Using Vitality’s GP app you’ll be able to talk directly to a Vitality GP and have a private GP video appointment.
Vitality GP’s can issue you a private prescription, that you can choose to pick up at your local Lloyds Pharmacy store. And if you need a referral for a consultant, the Vitality GP can organise this for you, meaning you don’t have to call often.
Vitality Health are here to help your employees live life well
Vitality Health want your employees to live life well. And they’re here to help them do it. They help your employees get healthier, and make sure they get the best possible medical care if they get ill.

Healthy employees are good for business
Healthy employees don’t just take less time off sick, they’re three times more productive than employees in poor health. What’s more, research has shown that if employees can see that their employer cares about their health and wellbeing, they’re more loyal as a result. In fact, senior management interest in employees’ wellbeing is the single biggest driver of employee engagement. Businesses with lots of engaged employees keep their staff for longer.*

VitalityHealth help your employees get healthier
Through their health and reward partners, your employees can get healthy and feel great. VitalityHealth help them understand their health, and suggest ways they can improve it. Through VitalityHealth’s partners, your employees can get discounted gym membership at Virgin Active ¹, bonus Nectar points if they buy certain healthy foods from Sainsbury’s and sign up to Weight Watchers Monthly Pass for up to 12 months for just £30. VitalityHealth also help them track their progress by giving them points for doing healthy things.

VitalityHealth gives your employees rewards ^ to keep them motivated – including a cinema ticket every week for getting active at Vue or Cineworld2, 10% to 50% cashback when employees shop in-store and online at LloydsPharmacy3 and up to 40% off return economy flights within the UK and Europe with British Airways, including taxes and charges4. And they are the only health insurer that could reward your employees who are non-smokers with cashback payments.

VitalityHealth help your employees track their progress. They can see their Vitality points adding up by logging on to the Member Zone at And because everyone gets to benefit whether they claim or not, Vitality helps you attract and keep the best people.

Discounts are correct as of the end of June 2015. Terms and conditions apply to all health and reward partners.

And importantly, VitalityHealth look after your employees if they get ill.
Through VitalityHealth’s health insurance, if your employees get ill and need treatment, VitalityHealth make sure they get the best possible medical care. They give them access to the latest drugs and treatments that are covered on your plan. And they don’t just get looked after when they’re in hospital. Care starts the moment they call VitalityHealth. Your employees will speak to someone who listens, who understands and who’ll do everything they can to help. Vitality is insurance that rewards your employees for being healthy. As well as protecting them when things go wrong, it also helps them lead a healthier life – meaning they don’t have to claim to be able to benefit, I really think this is an innovative, exciting and refreshing approach to health insurance, so I’ve enclosed more details for you. If you would like to find out more about VitalityHealth, please call us on 020 3815 2929