Education Cover

Protect your children's future

Make sure your children can still fulfill their potential, even if something happens to you.


All parents want their children to fulfill their potential. But this usually costs money. When you include things like extra curricular activities and school trips, it can cost almost £1,600 a year to send a child to a state secondary school. Private school and university fees cost a lot more.

Education cover is designed to make sure that your children don’t miss out on any part of school life, even if something happens to you. If you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness, we’ll pay a range of benefits for each child on your plan to help cover the costs of their education. You can even choose cover that will pay if you become seriously ill.

We’ll pay: 

• £861 every term to cover anything from books and uniforms to school trips.

• A £1,000 Star Award if your child excels at an activity whilst at school – for instance, if your child reaches Grade 8 in a musical instrument, gets a gold Duke of Edinburgh Award or are picked for a national sports team – this is payable once for each child on satisfactory evidence of the achievement.

• £1,000 School Absence Benefit towards treatment or extra tuition if your child misses more than 20 consecutive days of school because of illness, or is hospitalised for more than 10 days – the benefit is payable once per listed child.

• University tuition fees if your child goes on to further or higher education to a registered UK university – or £9,000 a year for three years if they don’t
For the whole time your’re covered by Education Cover, we’ll also give you £5,000 of Serious Illness Cover for each child covered.

• It can cost almost £1,600 a year to send a child to a state secondary school.

• The average private school now costs parents £4,998 a term – taking inflation into account, that means a child starting private school now, aged 5, would cost their parents £271,000 in fees by the time they reached 18.

• The maximum tuition fees universities can charge for 2013/2014 is up to £9,000.